The Music Of

Southpaw Swagger
Party With Guns
(Method House Music/Position Music)

01. Make The Party Loud*
02. Showdown
03. Can’t Stop Now
04. It’s Showtime*
05. It Ain’t Over*
06. Back Up
07. Whatcha Want*
08. Revolution Movement
09. Crowd Control (Hell Yeah)
10. Breathe

Produced by Johnny Cutt
*Additional guitars by Johnny Cutt

Wish Upon A Blackstar Chapter 01 (FiXT)

01. Louder Than Words*
02. So Long Sentiment

*Additional guitars by Johnny Cutt

Tyrone Wells
Remain (Universal Republic)

01. Remain
02. More
03. Losing Ground
04. Sink or Swim
05. In Between the Lines
06. This Is Beautiful*
07. All Broken Hearts*
08. Drifting
09. Along The Way
10. Enough
11. Before It Started
12. Together

*Additional guitars by Johnny Cutt

Breathing Underwater
Breathing Underwater EP (Independent)

01. Rain Clouds
02. A Cinderella Story
03. Call Back Baby
04. Black Cadillac
05. Silhouette
06. Capsized

Co-written by Johnny Cutt


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